Forensic Psychology Articles

Forensic Psychology Articles

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What is Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is the interaction of the practice or study of psychology and the law. Psychologists interested in this line of applied work may be found working in prisons, jails, rehabilitation centres, police departments, law firms, schools, government agencies, or in private practice, to name a few…

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Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology involves the application of psychological principals to crime and the law

Forensic Psychology mainly relates to the assessment and treatment of criminal behaviour

Forensic Psychologists explore what makes people commit crime

Social Isolation in a
Sociable World

Social Isolation in a Sociable World

Someone who is socially isolated is often perceived as being a quiet, introverted individual who avoids social situations or prefers their own company. However, sometimes it is the most sociable, extrovert individuals who feel the most lonely, isolated and excluded.

In Jeff Young’s Schema Therapy theory, the social isolation (also referred to as social exclusion) schema is a lifelong pattern of feeling like you don’t fit in.

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Understanding Cognitive Behaviour

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is sometimes explained using the metaphor of a mountain or iceberg.

Whilst we see the tip of these, their foundations bury for miles underground (in the case of mountains, the roots are upto 5.6 times greater!).

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Understanding Schema

Do you ever feel like you fall into the same unhelpful patterns of thinking and acting, as if you know you don’t want to but can’t stop yourself?

A schema is a self-defeating life pattern of thinking, emotion, and physical sensation. They include our memories and how we view the world. These patterns are long standing and become more entrenched as we go through life. 

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