Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Expert psychological assessment for adults and adolescents in Family Proceedings, Mental Health Tribunals and Parole Boards

I offer expert psychological assessment of adults and adolescents in family proceedings, mental health tribunals and Parole Boards. I also complete psychological assessment for individuals if they require a more in-depth understanding of their mental health. I have over 15 years of experience of assessment and report writing in the following areas:

  • Family Proceedings – I have experience in completing psychological assessments of parents for the family courts, with focus on the areas below.
  • Mental Health – I am able to assess mental health conditions including anxiety, depression and PTSD using valid psychometric tools and clinical interview.
  • Forensic Risk – including violence, domestic violence and psychopathy. I am trained in the use of various risk assessment tools including the HCR 20, VRS, RSVP and PCL-R.
  • Cognitive Assessment – assessment of intelligence (using the WAIS-IV), memory and activities of daily living.
  • Substance Misuse – I have a number of years of experience working with substance misusers and am able to offer clinical assessments to understand their use and the impact this may have on their functioning.
  • Personality Disorder – I am trained to use assessment tools including the International Personality Disorder Exam (IPDE), MCMI and Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI). I also use other psychometric assessments to review different facets of personality functioning.
  • Anger Management: Assessment of anger using clinically validated psychometrics and clinical interview.

As a Forensic Psychologist I have been trained to a high standard in formulating risks and needs of individuals and offering comprehensive treatment plans and recommendations. Any assessment and recommendations will be based on evidence based research and best practise guidelines.

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