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GPPsychology is based in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

I am a Chartered Forensic Psychologist (BPS) and Registered Practitioner Psychologist (HCPC). I offer psychological services including therapy, expert witness assessment and supervision.

I use an integrative approach to the therapy I provide and have trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)Schema Therapy, EMDR and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).

Therapy sessions can be face to face in Market Harborough, Leicestershire or I offer online therapy via Zoom to clients who are UK residents, both home and abroad.

Face to Face Therapy

face to face talking therapies

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectal Behaviour
Therapy, Schema Therapy at
my Market Harborough clinic.

Online Therapy

online therapy in the UK

From my office to the comfort of your own home,
online therapy offers psychological
support via video call.

Expert Witness & Assessment

Expert Witness

Psychological and mental health assessments
for individuals including forensic
risk assessment and family court reports.

how much does face to face therapy cost, how much does online therapy cost

Therapy Costs

The cost of therapy varies dependant on the type of therapy you would like to take. I offer both face to face and online therapy. Discounts are available for nhs/ armed forces workers. Costs are:

£90 for a 55-minute assessment or face to face therapy session at my Market Harborough office.
£75 for online therapy

Psychological and issues that require therapy

Psychological Issues A-Z

GP Psychology can offer assessment and therapies for a range of presenting issues.  These include anxiety, depression, personality disorder, OCD, trauma and PTSD.  I can also offer support and therapy for problems including anger management, relationship difficulties, substance misuse and managing work stress. Find out more via my Issues A-Z page.

Therapy – Market Harborough

I offer mental health support and therapy face to face via my Market Harborough clinic. This is easily accessible with free street parking.

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CBT Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) helps treat disorders from sleeping difficulties or relationship problems to drug and alcohol abuse or anxiety and depression.

DBT Therapy

In DBT the core dialectic focuses on the treatment philosophy – it is about finding a way to develop both change (in your thinking, feelings and behaviour) and acceptance of who you are.

Schema Therapy

Schema therapy is a third wave Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that helps a range of problems including Personality Disorder, Trauma, childhood attachments and more.

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Social Isolation in a
Sociable World

Social Isolation in a Sociable World

Someone who is socially isolated is often perceived as being a quiet, introverted individual who avoids social situations or prefers their own company. However, sometimes it is the most sociable, extrovert individuals who feel the most lonely, isolated and excluded.

In Jeff Young’s Schema Therapy theory, the social isolation (also referred to as social exclusion) schema is a lifelong pattern of feeling like you don’t fit in.

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Understanding Cognitive Behaviour

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is sometimes explained using the metaphor of a mountain or iceberg.

Whilst we see the tip of these, their foundations bury for miles underground (in the case of mountains, the roots are upto 5.6 times greater!).

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Understanding Schema

Do you ever feel like you fall into the same unhelpful patterns of thinking and acting, as if you know you don’t want to but can’t stop yourself?

A schema is a self-defeating life pattern of thinking, emotion, and physical sensation. They include our memories and how we view the world. These patterns are long standing and become more entrenched as we go through life. 

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