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What is Therapy?

I take a collaborative approach to all of the types of therapy I offer, and the decision as to what you want to focus on and explore will be agreed jointly.  Some people prefer to focus on the ‘here and now’ whilst others want to look deeper at the origins of their thinking, emotions and behaviour.

Therapy sessions last for 50 minutes.  The first session will be an assessment, where we will explore your issues in more detail and get some background information about your life.    We will then agree with some goals of therapy.  I generally recommend having weekly sessions, although I can offer fortnightly if this suits you better.

My therapy days are Wednesday and Thursday. My face to face clinics take place in Market Harborough on Wednesday early afternoon, and Thursday evening.

Have further questions about therapy? Please see my Frequently Asked Questions page.

Types of therapy offered

Three types of therapy that I integrate into my sessions are Schema Therapy, EMDR and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

CBT therapy Market Harborough

This therapy focuses on understanding how our thinking and feelings impact on our behaviour. It has been found to be effective for many issues including anxiety, depression, OCD and anger management.  I can either offer sessions with a primary CBT focus or CBT principles can be included in a more integrative approach to therapy.

EMDR therapy Market Harborough

I am a level 3 EMDR therapist. Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) involves using eye movements, or other taps left to right, to process recent or past trauma. It is a recommended therapy for PTSD. It can also be used with anxiety, phobias, panic disorders and depression.  

Schema Therapy Market Harborough

This is an individual therapy which focuses on understanding our ‘schemas’, which are patterns of thinking, feelings and memories which lead to unhelpful behaviour.   It looks at understanding the childhood origins of schemas and developing strategies to manage these.

Video Therapy

I am able to offer video therapy sessions online, usually via Zoom (, to individuals who may find coming to my clinics difficult.  You may want to consider video therapy if you: 

 – prefer to access support from your own home
– want to fit therapy around work/ childcare commitments
– are living abroad but you want a UK based therapist
 – travel a lot, so video therapy will allow you to have regular sessions 
– require flexibility around times for the sessions

Types of Therapy offered GP Psychology Market Harborough

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

The cost of therapy varies dependant on the type of therapy you would like to take:

  • £95 for a 50-minute assessment or therapy session at my Market Harborough clinic which takes place at Mindtalk on St Mary’s Road.
  • £95 for online therapy

I offer a 20% discount to armed forces personnel and NHS staff

nhs discounts card

Private Healthcare Insurance

I am a registered provider of therapy with the following healthcare insurers: 

  •  AXA,
  •  Aviva
  •  BUPA
  •  Vitality
  •  WPA

If you currently have health insurance please first check your policy document to see if you are covered for therapy.  If so, contact your insurer and follow their instructions. On some occasions, you may need to see a GP to be assessed first.   

Please get in contact if you wish to discuss therapy via private healthcare insurance so that we can talk through how this works.

Support in a Crisis

I am unable to offer crisis support. I cannot offer therapy to individuals who are suicidal, regularly self harm, or who have ongoing contact with a crisis team. This is because a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) approach is required during these times. Please see my mental health helpline page for services that can help if you are in crisis.

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