IQ tests and cognitive assessments

IQ and Cognitive Assessment

IQ Tests and Cognitive Assessments

Comprehensive assessment of your intelligence

Are you looking to gain an official IQ test or assessment of your cognitive ability? GP Psychology is able to offer comprehensive and validated assessments in Market Harborough and surrounding areas. Please get in contact to discuss your needs.

Intelligence is the abilities required to obtain knowledge, and to use that knowledge in a good way to solve problems that have a well described goal and structure.”

Resing and Drenth (2007)

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient.  This is  a measure of an individual’s intelligence which must be assessed by specially designed tests. 

I use the Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale IV (WAIS IV) to test a person’s intelligence.  This is the gold standard of IQ tests.   It measures:

  • Processing speed – the ability to process simple visual information quickly and efficiently.
  • Vocabulary ability – the ability to understand, use and think with spoken language.
  • Working memory – the ability to take in and hold information in short term memory and then use this information to make decisions or solve problems.
  • Perceptual reasoning – the ability to interpret, organise and think with visual information.

You will be given a Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) score following the assessment. This compares your IQ to other individuals your age. An IQ between 90 and 110 is average.

You can learn more about the history of intelligence here

What does an IQ test involve?

To get the best measure of your IQ it is important to engage in a face to face assessment.  Whilst online tests may state that they measure IQ, they will not cover all of the areas above, and are unlikely to have been researched to prove that they are reliable.

IQ test WAIS IV Cognitive

An IQ assessment involves completing ten short tests of between 2 and 10 minutes.  These involve explaining words, identifying patterns in puzzles, remembering numbers, basic maths and general knowledge questions, and copying symbols. 

I will also ask you some questions relating to school, work, mental and physical health.  This is because all of these areas could affect someone’s experiences of learning, and their ability to complete the test.

The assessment usually takes approximately 2 hours and needs to take place face to face.  I conduct these assessments at my clinic in Market Harborough.  I am able to travel to complete an assessment, but would require a room and travel expenses for this.

Although these tests may seem very simple, they start easy and get harder.  The same assessment is used regardless of someone’s level of education.  The WAIS IV has a lot of evidence that proves that it is reliable at assessing a person’s IQ. 

Following the assessment I will write a comprehensive report detailing the outcome.  This will include any recommendations for adaptions that may be required. 

Who may want a cognitive assessment?

I can offer cognitive assessments to any individual who would like to know their IQ.  People may want to have this assessed:

  • If you are interested to find out if there are any problems which may be effecting your ability to work or complete education
  • To help with a court case
  • Out of interest to see how intelligent you are

Please note, if you require a cognitive assessment for a court hearing I will require instructions from your solicitor.  Please see my expert witness page for more details.

Other assessments

On occasion I may suggest completing assessments of reading and screening tests for memory.   This would be based on individual need.

Neurological Disorders

If you require a cognitive assessment due to a specific neurological disorder, such as Alzheimer’s or brain injury, I recommend that you seek a specialist report from a qualified neuropsychologist. 

A list of neuropsychologists can be found on the British Psychological Society website here

Contact and costs

Cost of assessment depends on individual requirements. They start at £450 for a standard cognitive assessment and report. This includes the two hour assessment, cost of the WAIS IV, and time to write this up.

Please use my contact page to make an initial enquiry. We will then discuss your needs in a 20 minute phone conversation, where I will be able to answer any questions that you have.


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