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This section of my Therapy and Psychology blog focuses on articles relating to therapy to be used to raise awareness of the theories and practices in place to help individuals

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Procrastination and motivation

Understanding Procrastination

Have you ever, put off arranging an appointment, even though there is no real reason for this? Avoided making a telephone call, even though doing this would help you? Found reasons to not sit down and finish a report or piece of work?
This post offers an overview of the types of procrastination, theories, and ways to start to manage this using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques.

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The Schema Model and Core Childhood Needs

Understanding our Core Childhood Needs

Understanding our core childhood needs, how these have or have not been met and the impact of this on our adult relationships is a core aspect of Schema Therapy. 

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An introduction to attachment

Understanding our attachment styles can help in our understanding of our current ways of relating to others, and how this is influenced by our early childhood attachments with caregivers.

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Social Isolation

Social Isolation in a Sociable World

Someone who is socially isolated is often perceived as being a quiet, introverted individual who avoids social situations or prefers their own company.

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Coping skills

Coping Skills

This blog post looks at simple strategies for managing when things start to feel overwhelming.

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