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Mind and Body Wellbeing Days

Gemma Pearson Psychology, in conjunction with Magda Pearson Pilates, are offering these unique mind and body wellbeing day courses to individuals who wish to take some time to focus on themselves. Modern life can be a steady stream of one task after another, with little opportunity to think or take time for yourself. This day course will allow you to pause, explore and reflect on your strengths, values and what helps you to feel happy.

The course has given me time out from my busy life to invest in me

“I enjoyed being away from the usual daily grind, having several sessions of Pilates and trying something new with Mindfulness”

“It helped me to focus on the present and realise what is important to me in the moment”

We will focus on both the mind and the body, incorporating simple Pilate stretches to support an understanding of how your body stores stress, and how to manage this. Mindfulness and psychologically informed exercises will allow you to have some ‘me’ time to develop your awareness into what is important to you, and start to think about how you may get more of this in your life.

The day is an opportunity for personal reflection, it will not involve personal disclosure to the group. It is also not a therapy group and all exercises are suitable for beginners/ those new to Pilates and mindfulness.

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Gemma Pearson is a Registered and Chartered Practitioner Psychologist. She has over ten years experience working in inpatient and community settings with individuals with a range of mental health needs.

Mind and Body Wellbeing days

Magda Pearson is a trained Level 3 pilates instructor with over seven years experience. She is a Drama therapist and Person centred planning practitioner, who has previous worked within Learning Disability services

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